Fnaw 3 Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2, also known as CAM 9, is a location in Five Nights at Wario's 3.

  • The player may choose to hide in this room if they have first completed the Bathroom on Night 2, and make it to Night 3.
  • If the player hides here, Wario and DK are active.
  • Wario moves very fast toward the room.
  • There is no way to stop Wario once he appears inside.


  • Wario only appears on CAM 2, 5, and 6. He will kill the player upon reaching the room. If you see Wario on the Monitor, you must tap him as many times as you can. Doing so will send him back a room until he is off the map.
  • DK can appear in, what seems to be, every camera and this room. You can avoid DK by looking away or lifting up the Monitor when he is in the room.
  • If DK does jumpscare you, you can't check the cameras, and you will blink very fast.
  • It would be best to try to keep Wario at bay on CAM 2.
  • It is unclear how many clicks are needed to send Wario back, so an effective strategy to get through the night is to check your cameras in between series of clicks, to ensure that Wario has backtracked rather than progressed towards your location.


Unlike Bedroom, Bedroom 2 is much brighter, with 3 lights illuminating the room. The room consists of a bed, some drapes, and a window. There is also a little night-table on the side of the bedroom.


Bedroom 2 intro.


  • This is the only room in the entire series that DK makes a direct appearance. In addition, DK can appear on certain cameras that are not even in Wario's path to the bedroom.
  • If playing on Hard Mode, Wario will move even faster, and DK will attack much faster as well, this room will become very difficult to complete in Hard Mode.
  • Even if your game is not on hard mode, Wario will move very fast towards your room.