"It's a Lonely House..."

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Curtain Lamp is a game mechanic located at Bedroom on Night 3. It appears to be a lamp with a fancy average style.


The Curtain Lamp is usable by clicking the on/off switch, it is right to the Monitor. It lights up the room and the player can see more of it.

It has Limited power, the Curtain Lamp won't use up power when the phone call is still going. You might want to use it to know how it feels. You cannot recharge the power. When the power runs out, you're extremely vulnerable to Waluigi and Luigi.


  • Can ward off Waluigi and Luigi if their shadows appear behind the curtains.
  • Does not consume much power.
  • Can help you survive the night.


  • There is a glitch where you can still use the Monitor while you have the switch on. But the Monitor button will disapear, until you turn off the Curtain Lamp.