Donkey Kong is an antagonist in Five Nights at Wario's 3. He was originally shown in a teaser image. He's described as a hallucination that happens because of "side effects" caused by taking medicines in the Bathroom during Night 2.


His skin is more red in colour (it could possibly be blood) and he has white eyes without pupils. In some areas of his body, mainly his arms and legs, some of his skin is missing revealing what appears to be bones.


Donkey Kong will only be active on Night 3 if the player hides in Bedroom 2. Randomly, when looking at the cameras, changing cameras, or pulling the Monitor down, he will have appeared. If seen on the cameras, the player must switch to another camera or put away the Monitor. If he appears in the room, the player must pull the Monitor up to stop him. Looking at him for too long will trigger his jumpscare. Rather than ending the game, he will cause the player to blink fast and make loud roars, luring Wario to get closer.


Roars after his jumpscare.


  • Donkey Kong is the only active character who doesn't directly kill the player
  • He functions like most of the Phantoms from FNAF3.
  • Dk is thought to be Toad's replacement for Five Nights at Wario's 3.