The ending is the last part of the third game

How to get obtain

1. You need to collect all music box parts during the game.

2. Get to Night 5.

3. Turn on the Music Box.

4. Wario, Mario, Luigi, Waluigi and Wario Man appear in front of you, and the cutscene begins.


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(All plumbers are looking at Wario Man.)

Wario: It''re the one....

Wario Man: Finally...I've found you. I've found you all. I know what I did. I know I paid for it. But I couldn't rest. And neither could you. Just like you have tried to find me, I've been trying to find you. I've tried to find you since that day.... to tell you that...

Wario Man: ...I'm sorry. My mind was out of control that day. And since that day, I've been searching for all of you, trying to apologize. I used this suit...this performe actions I couldn't handle afterwards... Will you ever be able to....forgive me?

(The souls leave the bodies of the 4 plumbers, because they have now found peace.)

("Richard McRoy (Haunted by Peach) arrives on that time.)

Richard McRoy (Peach): He... he did it! He... he.... he apologized! He apologized to them... for what they did to us! I... I can feel it! Their forgiveness has brought peace both him and them. I... I.. I feel... relieved... (she leaves Richard's body)

(Police Sirens)

Police Officer: This is your last warning! Put your hands above your head now!

(He doesn't raise his hands over his head because he doesn't understand what's going on.)

(The house guy runs away.)


Richard McRoy: I... am... free! (dies)