Maybe you were you looking for Entrance 2?

Entrance 1, also known as CAM 4, is a location in Five Nights at Wario's within Wario's Factory. It is the furthest room from The Office. Wario and Waluigi start in this location. Mario can also appear here on Night 5 and onwards.


Wario is seen in the background, while Waluigi is seen in the middle. Also, he can be seen near the camera on Night 2 onwards. On Night 5 and onwards, Mario is sometimes seen directly staring into the camera.

The area is a long dark hallway with lights coming from the doorways on either side. Its hallway looks old judging from the rotting floors. Each of the doorways seem to have a sign board above them. There seems to be a pipe on the left side of the wall. The ceiling appears to have a set of pipes also.

A box-like object can be seen on the ceiling, which appears to have wires coming out of its sides. One wire is connected to the wall while the other to the ceiling. There appears to be another hanging object and a small one lying far in the room.

This entrance is also seen in the Night 6 end picture with the 3 along with Luigi and Peach.


This sound occurs when Wario or Waluigi starts. Actually, the sound is at the end of the audio.