Not to be confused with Entrance 1.

Entrance 2, also known as CAM 7, is a location in Five Nights At Wario's within Wario's Factory, Luigi and Peach always start here, This room is only available in the full version of the game.


Luigi is seen sitting on the left side of the room, while Peach is standing at the door. Peach's gesture suggests that she is calling someone, presumably Mario and Luigi. She may have done this to look for them, which is the reason why she entered the factory.

The room features double doors with walls on each side. The door appears to be wooden. The walls have a lighter shade at the top and darker at the bottom. There is a picture and a row of light switches on the left wall. The right wall seems to have an electronic lock for the door. A decorative miniature anchor can be seen also.

On the left, there is a bench where Luigi would sit. There appears to be a window on the right side of the room.


  • Weirdly enough, when Luigi appears here he occasionally appears with a thick blue substance under him that sometimes disappears, even more stranger, is the fact that when Luigi leaves here or when Peach enters here, it never appears.
  • Luigi appears on the left side in this room. Since many players often do not pan the camera view to look around rooms, this can lead them to be completely unaware that this is Luigi's starting location.


This sound occurs when Luigi or Peach starts. Specifically, the sound is at the beginning of the audio.