Fnaw 3 Kitchen Bright

The Kitchen with the oven lit up.

The Kitchen, also known as CAM 2, is a location in Five Nights at Wario's 3.

  • The player may choose to hide in this room on Night 2.
  • If the player hides in this room, Wario and Luigi are active.


It is a kitchen with beige cabinets, and is illuminated with a single light.


  • The player must light up the oven only when they are sure there is an enemy in the room.
  • If no one is there when the oven is lit, an enemy may rush into the room, usually resulting in a game over.
  • Wario's route is CAMs 10, and 1 (Laundry, and Living Room).
  • Luigi's route is CAMs 8, 7, and 5 (Living Room 3, Staircase, and Living Room 2).


  • A good idea for surviving the Kitchen is to watch Luigi and Wario carefully and listen to the sounds they make.
  • If you see Luigi in Living Room 2 or Wario in the Living Room, that means they're one step away from entering the Kitchen.
    • If you hear any audio after seeing them in those rooms, turn on the fuel to scare them away. (Note: you may want to check the room just before the room closest to the kitchen before attempting to add fuel.)
  • Do not lose track of either of them as they do not make a specific sound when moving forward.
  • Keep in mind that while it seems that they have to play their audio when moving closer to the Kitchen, they don't have to play their audio if they're moving backwards (such as Wario moving from the Living Room to the Laundry).
    • Additionally, if they're at their spawn locations, (Laundry for Wario, Living Room 3 for Luigi) they can disappear from the house and not be seen in the cameras nor the Kitchen.
  • Wario is easily a priority, as he has the shortest route.


Kitchen intro.


  • This is the only room which is completely dark when the player hides in.