Not to be confused with Office Entry.

The Office Exit, also known as CAM 1, is a location in Five Nights at Wario's within Wario's Factory. It is located directly on the left of The Office. The area behind the door would have a corridor leading to the Freezing Room and the Bathrooms.


Wario and Waluigi can be seen standing in the doorway. When Wario goes through here he tends to trigger a sound cue of a creaky door opening as he passes through here, however, Waluigi weirdly enough makes no noise at all while going through here, forcing players to have to check the Monitor to see in Waluigi is there.

The area is very dark. The only light source seems to come from above the metal door, which makes a creaking sound when opened by Wario. It also seems to have a ratchet around its handle and a sealed window. Next to the door, there appears to be a thin pipe on the left and another metal structure on the right.


This sound occur when Wario is at the Office Exit.


  • The area is actually an edited screenshot from the opening scene of Mario Power Tennis.

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