Fnaw 3 Playroom

The Playroom, also known as CAM 11, is a location in Five Nights at Wario's 3. Waluigi starts here on Night 3. This is also the starting location for Luigi on Night 4.

  • The player may choose to hide in this room if they have first completed the Kitchen on Night 2, and make it to Night 4.
  • If the player hides in this room, Wario, Yoshi, and Mario are active. It appears to be a simple children's playroom with a little hut, spelling puzzles, and a TV that appears to have the Bliss Background Of Windows XP.


In the Playroom, you must survive by keeping two music boxes wound up the entire night. One can be wound from the player's room while the other from a random room on the Monitor. Failing to keep the music boxes wound up will result in Wario or Yoshi entering the room and then quickly killing you. Otherwise, the only ghost you have to worry about is Mario who acts much like in Five Nights at Wario's, where he slowly approaches you from the TV screen until finally entering your room. Once he enters, you must quickly pull up the Monitor to reset Mario's position.


  • Wario's route is CAMs 3, 5, and 6 (Bathroom, Living Room 2, and Hallway), if you don't wind the music boxes.
  • Yoshi's route is CAMs 1, 10, and 6 (Living Room, Laundry, and Hallway), if you don't wind the music boxes.
  • This room is not terribly challenging. Just keep the music box in your room wound up until your camera is fully charged, then hunt for the other music box. However, this room becomes much more difficult in Hard Mode, as Mario attacks you in faster intervals, and the camera's battery drains faster. Because of this, the music box that warps around the rooms should take priority, as you can always wind up the one in your room.
  • Make sure you don't make the Camera have to restart, as you will be unable to view it. This will both waste time, and if you're unlucky, it will trigger Mario to kill you.


  • The top of the Music Box can be found here.


Playroom intro.