Five Nights at Wario's Wario Lights out death

Wario attacking the player when the power goes out

Power is a game mechanic in Five Nights at Wario's. It acts as a limit so the player only closes the Doors and uses the Lights when the player needs to.


  • Power can be saved by opening doors, closing the camera, and turning off lights.
  • The player starts out with 200 power.


  • Limited power.
  • Using doors, lights, and cameras will drain power.
  • Wario comes out to kill the player if the power runs out.


  • The power indicator's color (blue, green, yellow, orange and red) tells how much equipment the player is using. It grows bigger as more equipment is used.
  • Instead of having 100% power, the player has 200% power. It is unknown why the player has 200% power, it's possible that the power drains a lot more or each hour lasts longer.
  • During the phone calls, the power bar doesn't drain.This is currently unknown, or WwwWario made an oversight.

Power Usage Calculations

  • 1 Bar = No power out.
  • 2 Bars = Power out at 6:30
  • 3 Bars = Power out at 5:21
  • 4 Bars = Power out at 4:10
  • 5 Bars = Power out at 3:00