...the cabinet that is standing in the Tool Storage, keep a eye on it, alright?

Tool Storage, also known as CAM 9, is a location in Five Nights at Wario's 2.

This is the starting location of Toad. He is the only major antagonist who may appear here. However, Yoshi occasionally appears in the window at the back as an easter egg.


The room is mostly empty but it contains a cabinet (which Toad initially hides in) and some broken windows on the back wall.


Despite being viewable on Night 1, there is no reason to check here as Toad is not active on this night. From Night 2 onwards however, this room becomes vital to check often to make sure Toad is not rushing towards The Office. Also, the power here is knocked out making the only way to see inside is by the brief flashes of lightning. If the closet is open and Toad is not there, it means that he is running towards The Office, and the player must immediately hide in the Backroom and not charge the generator to survive.