Wario is the night guard and player character in Five Nights at Wario's: Origins. Despite being the main character, an enemy Wario also appears in the game trying to kill the player Wario. Wario also has to look out for other enemies such as Mario and Peach in order to survive the five night shifts until the restaraunt gets closed down from paranormal events.

[SPOILERS] Wario also takes the night guard role in Night 6 of FNAW: Origins, which takes place in Wario's Fast Food Factory from the first FNAW game. Here, Wario has to fend himself off from Wario Man until the end of his shift, afterwards the player is then treated to a clipshow-esk cutscene of various locations and images from various Five Nights at Wario's games, effectively acting as a finale cutscene for the series.

Trivia Edit

  • Judging from how Wario's hands look while holding them up after eating an invisibility mushroom, his appearance is most likely the same as the enemy Wario's appearance from FNAW: Origins.
  • This is the only protagonist in the series that isn't an original character, and instead a character already existing within the Mario Universe.
    • [SPOILERS] Likewise, this is one of two protagonists who get possessed and turned hostile later on in the series timeline, the other being Richard McRoy.
  • [SPOILERS] As revealed in the Full Story, Waluigi enters the factory after the events of FNAW: Origins' Night 6, to which Wario Man (Bruno Gate in disguise) panics and kills them both, leaving Wario with two broken teeth (which is sometimes seen in his FNAW1 appearance) and eventually having his dead body possessed by the enemy Wario.
    • [SPOILERS] Seeing as how the player Wario from Night 6 ends up as the Wario seen in FNAW1, it's very likely that he dawns his signature yellow plumber outfit during the events of Night 6.
      Screenshot (1)

      Wario's hands after eating an invisibility mushroom (not animated)


      A picture of Wario from FNAW1 with two missing teeth.